French and German Islamic State members sentenced for life by Iraqi court


By: Middle East Affairs

BAGHDAD – On Monday, an Iraqi court condemned a French man and a German lady to life in jail in the wake of discovering them blameworthy of having relations with Islamic State.

At Iraq’s Central Criminal Court, Judge Suhail Abdullah read out the sentences, saying he discovered French national Lahcen Ammar Gueboudj, 55, and the German, Nadia Rainer Hermann, 22, blameworthy of joining the hardline militant group.

The sentences can be appealed.

It should be noted that Hermann had just been condemned to multi year in prison for entering Iraq wrongfully. Government office staff and interpreters from the two nations went to Monday’s hearing.

A year ago, Islamic State caught 33% of Iraq in 2014 yet was to a great extent crushed there and in neighboring Syria. Iraq’s administration proclaimed triumph over the gathering in December.

Additionally, Iraq is attempting several suspected individuals, a considerable lot of whom were captured as the gathering’s fortresses disintegrated all through Iraq. This incorporates many foreigners.

Nearly around 20 foreign ladies, including nationals of Turkey, Germany and Azerbaijan, have been condemned to death.

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