The White House is multiplying down and rehashing its call to change the mandate of UNRWA


By: Middle East Affairs

WASHINGTON – According to the feedback over its strategy on the issue of Palestinian refugees, the White House is multiplying down and rehashing its call to change the command of UNRWA, the UN office responsible for helping Palestinian outcasts and their descandants over the Middle East.

On Sunday, a senior Trump organization official said that UNRWA’s order “must change” and that such a change is in light of a legitimate concern for the Palestinian individuals.

“UNRWA’s money related circumstance has been unsustainable for quite a while, and for quite a long time we have voiced the requirement for UNRWA to search out new willful subsidizing streams, increment monetary weight sharing among givers, and discover approaches to lessen consumptions,” the official clarified.

Additionally, the official included that in the organization’s view, “UNRWA’s mandate has propagated and exacerbated the evacuee emergency and must be changed.” Only such a change, the authority included, would enable the Palestinian individuals to “achieve their maximum capacity.”

It should be noted that these remarks came multi day after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas impacted the organization and cautioned that the American endeavors to change UNRWA are intended to “eradicate” the Palestinian issue and to hurt the privileges of the Palestinian individuals.

On Saturday, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ office reacted to a report by U.S. magazine Foreign Policy asserting that U.S. President Donald Trump’s senior consultant Jared Kushner forced Jordan to strip the exile status of the two million Palestinians dwelling in the nation.

On the other hand, the Palestinian president’s office said Friday’s report demonstrated that Kushner’s endeavor, and in addition his decrying remarks about UNRWA, the UN exile office helping Palestinians, were verification that the U.S. organization is plotting to push the Palestinian displaced person issue off the negotiations table.

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