Naty Saidoff took control of Israel’s largest construction firm Shikun & Binui Ltd


By: Middle East Affairs

JERUSALEM – On Tuesday, the U.S.- Israeli businessperson Naty Saidoff took control of Israel’s biggest development firm Shikun and Binui Ltd, finishing an arrangement with Arison Investments.

Arison Investments, which controlled the development firm since 2007, concurred in June to offer its 47.5 percent stake to Saidoff for 1.1 billion shekels ($297 million).

Both Binui and Shikun, which has a market capitalization of 2.88 billion shekels, said in February that four present and previous workers of the outside auxiliary had been confined for addressing by Israeli police on doubt of pay off in Africa.

Naty Saidoff said: “We will keep on developing our activities in Israel and globally. I will probably keep up administrative dependability at the organization, while putting high need on coherence of expert and money related action over every one of the nations in which Shikun and Binui works.” (Reuters)

($1 = 3.6979 shekels)

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