Air strikes killed dozens of people, including children, in Yemen’s Saada


By: Middle East Affairs

ADEN – On Thursday, Yemeni medical sources and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said that air strikes killed many individuals, including youngsters, in Yemen’s Saada.

“One assault hit a bus driving kids in Dahyan market, in northern Saada, including hospitals there got many dead and injured,” the ICRC said.

Abdul-Ghani Nayeb, head of a health department in Saada told reporters that the loss of life rose to 43, with 61 injured. It was unclear what number of youngsters were murdered and what number of air strikes were done in the zone.

Johannes Bruwer, head of delegation for the ICRC in Yemen, said: “Scores executed, considerably more harmed, most of them under the age of 10.”

It should be noted that Saudi Arabia and Sunni Muslim allies have been battling in Yemen for over three years against the Iran-aligned Houthis, who control quite a bit of north Yemen including the capital Sanaa and drove a Saudi-backed government into banish in 2014.

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