Iran sets Sept light crude price at $1.20/bbl above Oman/Dubai quotes – source


SINGAPORE (Reuters) – The National Iranian Oil Company has set the September official selling price (OSP) for Iranian Light crude to Asia at $1.20 a barrel above the average of Oman and Dubai quotes, 80 cents lower than the previous month, a source with knowledge of the matter said on Friday.

The September OSP for Iranian Heavy crude was set at 90 cents a barrel below Oman-Dubai quotes, while Forozan’s OSP is at 75 cents a barrel below Oman-Dubai quotes, the source said.

Soroush September OSP was set at $5.55 a barrel below Oman-Dubai quotes.

NIOC cut prices for crude supplies to the West by 50 cents to $1.45 a barrel.

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