Syria: Air defences confronting a hostile target breaching the skies in Deir al-Asha’ir


By: Middle East Affairs

BEIRUT – On Saturday, in the early hours of the morning, Syrian state media said that air defences had confronted a “hostile target” breaking the nation’s air space west of the capital Damascus.

“Air defences confronting a hostile target breaking the skies over the region of Deir al-Asha’ir in the Damascus countryside.,” State news agency SANA stated.

It should be noted that the territory is near the Lebanese outskirt.

On the last Thursday night, Syrian air barriers were activated comparatively finished west Damascus

Moreover, SANA recommended Israel was to blame for the incursions.

It said: “In the previous couple of weeks, the Israeli foe has assaulted military positions.”

Over the course of the country’s seven-year conflict.Israel, worried that Iran’s developing nearness in Syria represents a risk to its security, has struck many Iranian and Iran-upheld positions in Syria. A representative for the Israeli military said it didn’t remark on foreign reports.

A month ago, Damascus reclaimed control of its whole outskirt with the Israeli-possessed Golan Heights and its southwest fringe with Jordan after a hostile which started in June.

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