Egypt security forces thwart church bombing: state television


By: Middle East Affairs

CAIRO – On Saturday, state television said that Egyptian security powers have obstructed a church bomb assault on a congregation only outside of Cairo.

State news agency MENA reported: “A militant wearing a suicide vest was kept from moving toward a congregation in Qalyubiyah, a governorate north of Cairo, and exploded the vest around 250 meters from the congregation, murdering himself yet nobody else.”

“A foreign object had detonated prompting the demise of one individual yet no wounds, without explaining on whether it was an endeavored assault on the congregation,” a spokesman for the health ministry said.

On Palm Sunday in April 2017, Islamist militants have claimed a few assaults on Egypt’s huge Christian minority as of late, including two fatal bombings and an impact at Cairo’s biggest Coptic house of prayer in December 2016 that killed 28 individuals.

The latest assault came last December, when a shooter fired on worshippers at a Coptic Orthodox church in a Cairo suburb, murdering 11 of every an assault asserted by Islamic State.

It should be noted that Egypt has battled an insurgency driven by Islamic State in the Sinai Peninsula that has killed many warriors and policemen since the Egyptian military ousted President Mohamed Mursi of the Muslim Brotherhood in mid-2013 – albeit no official loss of life has been released to date.

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