Afghan special forces moved to embattled Ghazni to try to beat back Taliban insurgents


By: Middle East Affairs

According to government’s response to the crisis, Afghan special forces units moved to troubled Ghazni medium-term to endeavor to beat back Taliban agitators who have come close to overwhelming the city as open outrage mounted.

The assault on Ghazni, a key fixate on the fundamental street connecting the capital Kabul with southern Afghanistan, has come as a serious hit to President Ashraf Ghani and hosed any expectations of a conceivable begin to peace converses with the Taliban.

“The government had conceded being shocked by the assault and following 72 hours with negligible open remark from the presidential castle, Ghani reported on Twitter that fortifications would be sent to the city earnestly,” diplomats in Kabul said.

“U.S. special forces units were on the ground planning air strikes and ground tasks yet there was no affirmation from U.S. military central station in Kabul,” Afghan authorities said.

After three days of the insurgents propelled a strike in the early long stretches of Friday, news from Ghazni stays sketchy and deficient with interchanges gravely hit after the greater part of the city’s telecoms poles were demolished in the battling.

In any case, individuals getting away from the city have depicted boundless annihilation and slaughter and Afghanistan’s biggest TV slot, Tolo News, broadcast shaky phone footage evidently demonstrating different flames seething over the blacked-out centre.

According to one security official said: “Around 100 policemen have been killed and many injured, losses on the Taliban side have likewise been substantial, including around 50 contenders killed by an air strike as they were sitting tight for nourishment late on Sunday.”

The quantity of civilian casualties isn’t known. However, witnesses who have achieved Kabul have revealed seeing numerous bodies in the roads.

“No less than 15 regular folks had been murdered and in excess of 400 injured in the battling. In excess of 45 injured individuals from the Afghan military must be carried out over the most recent 48 hours,” officials at the interior ministry said.

The assault on Ghazni, the heaviest pass up the Taliban since they verged on overwhelming the western city of Farah in May, hosed any expectations of peace talks which had developed since an unexpected three-day ceasefire amid the Eid al-Fitr occasion in June.

Officials in Ghazni have warned for months that the city could fall and public reaction has been bitter with radio call-in shows and social media flooded with comments denouncing the government.

“The whole of Ghazni province is on fire. President Ashraf Ghani must resign!” read a typical comment on Facebook.

Officials said Taliban fighters were installed in residential areas, knocking down walls to make movement easier and making it difficult for security forces to hit them for fear of harming civilians.

An official in Kabul said: “The activists know our powers won’t assault regular people so they are utilizing young fellows as human shields to stroll around the city and set structures ablaze.”

Additionally, the insurgents had likewise seized control of the districts of Khawaja Omari, north of Ghazni city and Ajrestan, in the west of the region with authorities saying many Afghan security powers either murdered or missing.

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