Yemeni forces within striking distance of Hodeidah, protecting civilian life top priority


HODEIDAH, – The joint Yemeni Resistance Forces, backed by the Arab Coalition fighting on behalf of the internationally recognised government in Yemen, are within striking distance of Hodeidah.

A Yemeni resistance fighter told the Emirates News Agency, WAM, “We are in the district of Derayme, which is under the control of the Houthis. The people of the city have been forbidden to leave, and many of the houses and mosques have been mined.”

The Houthis’ tactics of deliberately mining key civilian infrastructure and holding residents hostage for use as human shields are ones that have been replicated throughout the areas of the country occupied by the militia.

The Yemeni forces supporting the legitimate government remain optimistic, said the fighter adding, “The Houthis are harming the country. God willing, we will win this war soon.”

“We will make every effort the rescue the people of this city” he added.

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