Egypt: Four militants killed trying to attack a police checkpoint in Sinai


By: Middle East Affairs

On Saturday, state news agency MENA reported that Egyptian security forces on Saturday killed four suspected militants who had tried to attack a police checkpoint in northern Sinai, as troops pushed ahead with an operation to crush insurgents.

“The militants, some of whom were furnished with dangerous belts, endeavored to storm a checkpoint on the waterfront street close to the city of el-Arish, the North Sinai common capital,” MENA said.

It cited a source as saying cops stood up to the militants, executing four of them while the rest fled.

MENA also said that security powers recuperated 10 dangerous charges, four programmed rifles, three suicide belts, rocket-moved projectiles and hand explosives.

Moreover, local media distributed pictures of no less than two men, one lying on a black-top street and another on the sand, and separate photos of weapons found on them, including four AK-47 strike rifles, one RPG launcher, firearm magazines and what showed up as suicide belts.

The office made no specify of any setbacks among the police.

An inside service representative couldn’t promptly be gone after a remark.

The activity started after President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi requested the armed force and security powers to pulverize aggressors after shooters executed several admirers at a mosque in Sinai last November.

Saturday’s passings raised to no less than 329 the quantity of suspected activists killed in the battle.

Egypt says battling Islamist aggressors was a need to reestablish security to the nation of somewhere in the range of 96 million individuals following quite a while of strife that took after Arab Spring dissents in 2011.

It should be noted that Sisi’s faultfinders say his administration has expedited an unforgiving crackdown on dissent.


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