IS claims responsibility for deadly Libya checkpoint attack

By: Middle East Affairs

Earlier this week, Libya’s branch of the Islamic State group on Saturday claimed responsibility for a deadly attack on a checkpoint between the capital Tripoli and the town of Zliten.

No less than four individuals were murdered when militants furnished with explosives and rifles assaulted the security group on the expressway that keeps running along the Mediterranean drift.

Islamic State made the claim of the west Libya to assault on its Amaq media channel, which comes two years after the fall of the gathering’s previous fortress in Sirtre.

A large portion of the fighters were murdered inside the building utilized as a rest quarters for the troops at the checkpoint in Zliten, which lies 170 kilometers (105 miles) from the capital.

It lies in a region of western Libya under the control of the ambushed Tripoli-based government.

Mayor Moftah Ahmadi said: “As per fundamental reports, there were three aggressors and one of them was executed in the trading of flame,” including that the two others had escaped.

Moreover, Zliten’s security chief said IS were chief suspects in Thursday’s assault.

IS was removed from its fortress in the waterfront city of Sirte, in 2016 with some surviving aggressors escaping inland.

It should be noted that Libya is as of now split between rival governments in the east and the west.

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