Nikki Haley appeared to question the world body’s count of Palestinian refugees


By: Middle East Affairs

On Tuesday, Nikki Haley, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations seemed to question the world body’s check of Palestinian refugees, the most recent in a progression of ventures by the Trump organization testing how help is conveyed to the Palestinians.

Additionally, in comments at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a Washington think tank regularly thoughtful to Israel, Haley concurred with an examiner who recommended that the U.N. Alleviation and Works Agency (UNRWA), which helps Palestinian refugees, over-counts their number.

Earlier this year, the United States slice its aid to UNRWA to $60 million from a guaranteed $350 million for the year.

Nikki Haley said: “We will be a contributor in the event that it (UNRWA) changes what it does … in the event that they really change the quantity of displaced people to an exact record, we will glance back at collaborating them.”

Most of the Palestinian refugees are relatives from people who fled Palestine in the 1948 war that prompted the making of the territory of Israel. Moreover, UNRWA says it gives services to in regards to 5 million Palestinian refugees.

Haley additionally scrutinized the “right of return” to Israel, asserted by the Palestinians as a major aspect of any possible peace settlement, on another sincerely charged issue.

When Nikki Haley was asked about whether the privilege from return ought to be “off the table,” Haley answered: “I do concur with that, and I think we need to take a gander at this as far as what’s occurring (with refugees) in Syria, what’s going on in Venezuela.”

She also said: “So I completely think we need to take a gander at the privilege of return.”

“We need to enhance the Palestinians’ predicament, and in addition begin transactions on an Israeli-Palestinian peace assention,” U.S. President Donald Trump and his aides said.

On the other hand, under Donald Trump administration, Washington has taken various activities that have alienated the Palestinians, including the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

It should be noted that the status of Jerusalem – home to locales blessed to the Muslim, Jewish and Christian religions – is one of the greatest obstructions to any peace assention amongst Israel and the Palestinians.

“The status of the old city – whose eastern part was captured by Israel in the 1967 Middle East war – must be settled by arrangements,” the United Nations said.

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