Israeli military vehicles raided the eastern borders of Gaza City


By: Middle East Affairs

PALESTINE, GAZA – On Thursday, many Israeli military vehicles raided the eastern fringes of Gaza City in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Sources said: “Around six Israeli military vehicles entered many meters into lands southeast of return camps in the al-Zaytoun neighborhood of the city and started to destroy and level the lands as Israeli automatons flew overhead.”

On the other hand, Israeli military invasions inside the attacked Gaza Strip and close to the “cushion zone,” which lies on both land and sea sides of Gaza, have long been a near-daily occurrence.

Additionally, the Israeli armed force consistently confines and starts shooting at unarmed Palestinian anglers, shepherds and agriculturists along the outskirt regions in the event that they approach the cushion zone, as the specialists have not clarified the exact territory of the assigned zone.

It should be noted that these practices has in actuality demolished a great part of the rural and angling segment of the barred beach front enclave, which has been under an Israeli air, land and sea bar for about 12 years.

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