Turkey’s energy regulator will raise electricity prices by 14 percent


By: Middle East Affairs

According to official figures,Turkey’s energy controller has raised power costs by 14 percent for modern utilize and 9 percent for private use for the second in a row month, a move liable to additionally feed double-digit inflation.

The hikes reflect the impact of Turkey’s currency crisis, which has seen the lira fall some 42 percent this year and driven up the cost of natural gas imports.The increases, distributed in the administration’s Official Gazette medium-term, went to into impact from Saturday.

In 2017, just about 33% of Turkey’s aggregate 293 billion megawatt control creation originated from natural gas power plants.

At first started by stresses over President Tayyip Erdogan’s effect on the national bank, the lira auction has declined over a fracture with Washington over an American evangelical Christian pastor detained in Turkey on terrorism charges.

President Tayyip Erdogan, a self-depicted “enemy of interest rates”, needs to see bring down getting expenses to keep credit streaming, especially to the development part. Financial specialists, who see the economy heading for a hard landing, need to see definitive loan fee climbs to get control over swelling.

It should be noted that inflation touched about 16 percent in July, its highest in 14 years.

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