Egypt sentenced to death 75 people, including prominent Islamist leaders


By: Middle East Affairs

On Saturday, Egypt sentenced to death 75 people, including prominent Islamist leaders, over a 2013 pro-Muslim Brotherhood sit-in which ended with the killing of hundreds of protesters by security forces.

Judicial sources said: “Others being tried in the case, including Brotherhood spiritual leader Mohamed Badie, were handed life sentences.”

Also, those being condemned are blamed for security-related offenses including instigation to viciousness, kill and sorting out unlawful dissents.

Rights bunches have censured the mass preliminary of in excess of 700 individuals in what has turned out to be known as the Rabaa case, after Rabaa Adawiya square where the sit-in occurred in Cairo.

Those condemned to death by hanging incorporate senior Brotherhood pioneers Essam al-Erian and Mohamed Beltagi and conspicuous Islamist minister Safwat Higazi, the sources said.

The dispersal of the sit in August 2013 came a long time after President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, at that point military boss, expelled Islamist president Mohamed Mursi after dissents against Brotherhood run the show.

Acquittal International says in excess of 800 dissidents were slaughtered. The administration has said numerous dissenters were outfitted, and that 43 police were murdered.

It should be noted that since Sisi took control in 2014, specialists have defended a crackdown on difference and opportunities as being coordinated at fear mongers and saboteurs attempting to undermine the state.

Additionally, death sentences have been passed on to several his political adversaries on charges, for example, having a place with an illicit association or wanting to do an assault.

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