Rockets were fired in the direction of the airport in Libya’s capital

By: Middle East Affairs

On Tuesday, the airport in Libya’s capital, residents said: “Rockets were fired in the direction of forcing flights to be diverted, less than a week after the United Nations brokered a fragile truce between rival armed groups in Tripoli.”

“There were no casualties or damage. Libyan channels reported that several people had been wounded by the rockets, one of which landed in the Mediterranean sea,” a spokesman for a faction controlling Matiga airport, the only one functioning in the capital, said.

On the other hand, rival groups have been battling in Tripoli for a few days yet conflicts had been focussed on the south of the city. Matiga air terminal lies in an eastern suburb.

A Libyan Airlines flight destined for Tripoli from Alexandria, Egypt, was occupied to Misrata, the air terminal said on its Facebook page. Misrata lies around 190 km (120 miles) east of Tripoli.

A representative for Misrata airplane terminal said that all flights destined for Tripoli would be occupied to Misrata.

Independently, Islamic State asserted duty regarding a shooting assault on the base camp of Libyan state oil organization NOC in Tripoli, the jihadist gathering’s news office said on Tuesday.

The assault on Monday killed two NOC staff and injured 10, said authorities, who had portrayed the three shooters who were likewise killed as “Africans.”

It focused on the “monetary interests of mistreating governments financing crusaders,” an announcement carried on the aggressors’ Amaq news organization said.

It was the primary assault of its kind against the administration of Libya’s state oil industry.

On the other hand, Libya has been partitioned into equal organizations however NOC has kept on working moderately regularly the nation over, which depends on oil sends out for the majority of its pay.

It should be noted that militants loyal to Islamic State have beforehand done assaults in Tripoli and different towns, in spite of having lost their fortification in the focal city of Sirte late in 2016.

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