Azmi Bishara: we have a media plan to face the Saudi Emirati alliance


MEA-Western sources revealed that the ex- Israeli parliament member Azmi Bishara who is considered a very closed adviser to the Emir of Qatar and one of its main policy makers met the Iranian politician and writer Mohammed Sadeq Al-Husseini on the side-line of the “Islamic Presidents of the Federation of Radio and Television” which was held in Tehran few months ago.

Bishara lectured on the joint media plan to confront the Saudi-Emirati alliance, as he claimed.

He delivered a very important speech during the conference where he stated that they control over 60% of the newspapers, satellite channels and global agencies reporters and we won’t stop until we reach more than 90%.

Even at the level of Satellite Channels such as: Al-Arabiya, Al-Hadath, Sky News and others, we have journalists but the number doesn’t meet our ambition to control the articulated managements, Bishara added.

According to the sources he assured that It was agreed with some foreign journalists who work at rather prestigious newspapers to manage an organized and intensive offensive campaign against Saudi Arabia, including talk shows on satellite channels concurrently with campaigns on the social media, campaigns should be triggered by highly influential social media accounts with big number of followers and also to picture what is written in international newspapers as facts based on Intelligence conclusions and measurements of opinion and even studies.

The campaign according to the sources should target the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia “Mohammed bin Salman” and presents him as a failure, and to demonstrate a weak Saudi Arabia that can’t make its own decision under his leadership and it will present that the decisions of the Saudi Kingdom rest in the hands of Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Crown of Abu Dhabi.

The campaign will present that UAE as the one in control of the Yemeni scene, and that its goals are summarized in: Implicating Saudi Arabia furthermore, drain its resources, and unsettle its position in the Middle East.

Bishara stated that the hidden agenda of the UAE doesn’t agree with what Saudi Arabia has in mind and repeated his phrase: “We shall declare victory and defeat all their plans once their differences float to the public”. He continued: “the investment in dissipation of members of the alliance is a priority to them and their media.”

Al Husseini stated that UAE’s tactics in the area are worse than the ones of Saudi Arabia, referring it to having them connected to Israel and the World Freemasonry and that the UAE is promised with a huge role in the area. He continued that “our mission is to put the required plans to disseminate the alliance first and to deal with each country separately.”

Azmi according to the sources advised that they have plenty of personnel of high positions in Saudi Arabia and several consultants in different Sectors whom they meet periodically in Europe, where they provide leaks and official letters to Qatar.

“There are specialized women of different nationalities: “Jordanian, Palestinian, Syrian, and Lebanese” in close contact with royal families’ women, or even working at their palaces where they obtain some private secrets that they leak out to foreign newspapers for specific social considerations, our TV channels quote these newspapers and enhances our stories’ credibility” he added.

He confirmed the continuation of fighting both Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates and their alliances, explaining that he has a long breath the they can’t bear, then he laughed saying: “do you know that they are now facing plans that we’ve set more than 10 years ago, and what we are having for them in the future can’t be handled or even endured by them”.

He stated that Qatar is funding more than 80 newspapers, websites, electronic newspapers and a number of satellite channels of great influence on the public, he continued; “we have passed the phase of transmitting events to making and controlling events.”

Al Husseini said that Iran is funding all satellite channels and radio stations that are affiliated to what is called “Islamic Union of Radio and Television” and is supporting a lot of social media influencers.

Azmi confirmed that the Qatari Capital “Al-Doha” is now controlling wide sectors in relation to students and youth in the Arab World, and is providing a direct and indirect support, announced and unannounced to a number of students unions and commissions, especially scholarships abroad. He also confirmed that “Al-Doha” has special crews that attract all influencers and provide them with financial support, they will discover after years that we created ministers and officials and prepared them to do their roles.

He confirmed that Qatar is providing scholarships and training programs according to special mechanisms; annually it qualifies about 200 students from most of the Arab countries for a Qatari funded scholarship. Also, there are training programs, currently; 113 journalists from the Union of the GCC are being trained in batches. Bishara pointed out that there’s more than 40 Human Rights Organizations; seven out of them are consultant organizations in the Economic and Social Council in Geneva, “Human Rights Council”.

A lot of activists who provide service to Qatar were trained, he revealed that hundreds of volunteers in Human Rights Watch, the Amnesty International, Oxfam, Red Cross, Danish Council, and other several organizations received orientation from Qatar. He also exposed that Qatar established and financed several research centres around the world, he continued: “the numbers aren’t enough but our plans in this regards won’t stop and we shall multiply it”.

And in his meeting with the participants from Yemen, Bishara said: “you have to bring up the media issues that provoke the Yemeni people and raise his extinct, talk about issues such as rape, profanations and violations, create your own events and make your own issues under the media spotlight.

” The creation of the event and presenting it is a simulation of the painful reality of your own country, distort the image of the Emarati Red Crescent in your country, they are not volunteers, they are highly trained intelligent informers” he added.

He states that the Red Crescent is exploiting the suffering of people and we will hire experts to assist you in filming shootings that present sexual exploitation for aid.

Bishara demonstrated that they have a group of professionals who are working now on a very important issue, and are collecting evidences on how the Emirati Red Crescent is distributing expired medications from “Gulfar Medical Company” as relief aid in Yemen and a number of African countries. And then he repeated: “Create your own events, and we shall broadcast them in different satellite channels and different social media, we are stronger than them”.

Bishara talked to the media professionals on not discarding the importance of Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, as alliances to the UAE and Saudi Arabia. He then directed his speech to representatives of Satellite Channels and Websites ran by the Islamic Brotherhood, where he asked them to work more effectively on the Egyptian file, aiming to destabilize the ruling regime, through tying it to the Deal of the Century, and the trials to resolve the Palestinian cause, and to focus more on the sufferings of the Palestinians at Rafah Crossing.

He asked them to present the failed system in managing the economic file in Egypt, and magnify the suffering of the Egyptians in different aspects of life.

Bishara and Al-Husseini asked media professionals to focus on tying the Jordanian Kingdom to the Syrian file, and to present Jordan as accomplice with both the Americans and the Israelis to divide Syria, and not to forget the sensitive position of Jordan from the Palestinian Cause.

“We should work on the incitement of the Palestinian-Jordanians to protest against it and to destabilize it. It’s a distant goal, but it’s not impossible, this can be achieved through focusing on “tying it to the American Project to close out the Palestinian cause” and the resolving of the refugees issue by seeking to receive the financial aid directed to the benefit of the Palestinian refugees instead of UNRWA” they added.

Bishara according to the sources stated that despite the geographical distance of Morocco, it should be of focus and importance; as it is a member in the Gulf alliance, and media should take into consideration that the current ruling government is affiliated by the Islamic Brotherhood, and its ability to manage its people should remain untouched, however; focus can be redirected on the king and the Royal Family, through binding them to the status of moral and political corruption, and to back the claims of the “Polisario” on the “Western Sahara” conflict, and to fuel the guerrilla war against the Kingdom, and also to focus on the dispute between Algeria and the Kingdom on the “Western Sahara”.

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