Dahalan requested Abbas to come to Gaza to face the Trump’s deal of the century


Tens of thousands participated in commemorating the 14th anniversary of the death of late Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat.

The commemoration was arranged by the “Democratic Reformist Movement of Fatah” led by the previous Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) member; Mohammed Dahlan. The festival came as somewhat of a surprise to observers as huge numbers of participants flooded from all over the Strip to participate in this event.

The huge participation, especially from Palestinian youth and women shocked different political parties, as expectations were that such anniversaries called for by somehow not so large movements in Gaza will not witness such participation. in this event, “Mohammed Dahlan” gave a speech to the masses who gathered in Al-Saraya Square in the middle of Gaza City.

Dahlan said: “The treacherous offense of the Israeli army in Khan-Younis (southern of Gaza) postponed the commemoration of the death of veteran leader “Yasser Arafat”.

He addressed the crowd on their future stating: “it’s our duty to build a better future for you and with you”, he continued: “your gathering here today is a victory for freedom despite the attempts of the delusions these masses are a human reform carrying a loyalty message to all of our people” Dahlan continued: “we’ve witnessed a conflict and a retraction in our cause after the death of Yasser Arafat (Abu Ammar)”.

Dahlan stated “Abu Ammar legacy is still among us in these years despite what our case is witnessing from declination and retraction” he continued “despite what we are suffering here in Gaza, we shall not lose our connection, we will break this unjust siege, and Gaza will rise again after the exhaustion it has witnessed due to the Fatah–Hamas conflict and this siege”

Dahlan requested president Mahmoud Abbas to come to Gaza, to get the support of his people and hold Interim Leadership Framework of the PLO and to face “Trump’s deal of the century”.

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