Prince Khalid bin Salman: We will always be committed to ‘our brothers in Yemen’


JEDDAH: The commitment of the Kingdom and ally United Arab Emirates to the Yemeni people is historic and will endure, the Saudi ambassador to the US said Wednesday.

“KSA and UAE have always been and will always be committed to our brothers in Yemen,” Prince Khalid bin Salman said in a Tweet.

On Tuesday, Saudi Arabia and the UAE announced a $500 million package for Yemen in response to the food crisis to support more than 10 million people.

Prince Khalid blamed the Iranian-backed Houthis for breaking a recent ceasefire in the country.

“Houthis announced a ceasefire in which they said they will halt all missile attacks against Coalition countries and Yemeni forces. 13 hours later, they launched a missile targeting Maidi. This is consistent with their pattern of lying and violating commitments.”

“This is after all consistent with their Iranian masters’ playbook. On Yemen, while the Iranian Foreign Minister denies any involvement, the IRGC Deputy Commander Hossein Salami boasts of ‘new bases from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea’,” he added.

A Saudi-led military coalition intervened in Yemen in 2015, backing government forces fighting the Houthi militia.

Earlier Wednesday, UN envoy Martin Griffiths flew to Sanaa for talks with Houthi leaders as he attempts to revive a peace process that collapsed in acrimony in Switzerland in September when the Houthis failed to show up.

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