Al-Tahadi school demolished by IOF days before opening


On Wednesday, the Israeli occupation forces demolished al-Tahadi 13 school, which lies north of al-Samou’ village south of Hebron, and declared the area a closed military zone.

The coordinator of public relations in the Directorate of Southern Hebron, Muhannad al-Masalmeh, said that the IOF’s bulldozers repeatedly demolish the seven-room school without warning.

He pointed out that the school was built at a cost of 40,000 euros, funded by the Ministry of Education, and was scheduled to be opened after two days.

The Challenge schools were established by the Ministry of Education in the marginalized areas located in Area C to enable students to reach nearby schools and to support the steadfastness of the citizens, including those who are on the outskirts of towns.

For its part, the the Directorate of Education in Southern Hebron condemned the demolition and confiscation of Al-Tahadi 13 school in Khirbet al-Simeya, which was due to open in the coming days.

The destruction of the school is a destruction and disturbance of Palestinian children’s education. This is systematic terrorism practiced by the occupation authorities against educational institutions, and constitutes a heinous crime, in addition to the series of escalating attacks against the education sector.

The ministry said in a statement that targeting schools “in this brutal way will not discourage the members of the educational institutions, and their determination to continue the education of students, and provide them with a safe educational environment.”

The ministry renewed its call to all institutions, international organizations, and media to bear their responsibilities to the occupation’s attacks against education and to expose and raise them in all forums and fields.

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