DAHALAN : Qatari funds to enter Gaza through the Israeli Ministry of Defense,Abbas harmed Gaza more than Israel


Middle East Affairs-During a TV interview this Wednesday, Member of Palestinian Parliament, Mohammed Dahlan called for President Mahmoud Abbas to go to Gaza Strip, explaining that¨ the people there will welcome him the welcoming of conquerors.

Dahlan Said on a TV interview broadcasted on “ Al-Arabia Al-Hadath ”: President Abbas should head to Gaza, stating that the Palestinian reconciliation is an only a decision away from President Abbas and Hamas” he also praised the Egyptian role in the reconciliation process stating that “the Egyptians are fair mediators”.

He added “Abbas harmed the Palestinian people in Gaza more than the Israelis did” indicating that he did cut the salaries of the employees and the families of Martyrs and the wounded.

Dahlan denied the rumors of him being beaten and consequently injured, accusing both Qatar and Turkey to stand behind the latest “media degradation” he has been subjected to.

Dahlan explained: “Qatar and Turkey began to fabricate stories about me” clarifying that they worked on destroying Egypt and Conspired on the Gulf States.


He pointed out that Turkish newspapers fabricated lies about him, and that the Turkish government is relying on such newspapers, stating “I am not affected by the lies that are propagated about me by Qatar”.


He continued “I say to Qatar and Turkey … The Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi is staying and crown prince Mohammed ben Salman will stay for the coming fifty years so you better live with that”, indicating that “Qatar should be held accountable for the great amount of devastation committed towards the Arab countries”.


On the Qatari support for Gaza Strip, Dahlan said that Qatar contributed in the Fatah–Hamas conflict from the beginning, indicating that Qatar does not support the Palestinian people but parties and factions.

According to Dahlan, during the past 9 years Qatar only provided UNRWA with 5 million dollars, and now after they have been embarrassed by the UN, they decided to give more, on the other hand Saudi Arabia provided UNRWA with 832 million dollars as donations, and the United Arab Emirates provided with 231 million dollars.

Dahlan clarified “the money paid by Qatar as salaries to Hamas employees in Gaza, arrives from Qatar to Tel-Aviv Airport and is then handed to the to the Qatari Ambassador Mohammad Al-Amadi through the Israeli Ministry of War, Al-Amadi then brings the money into Gaza using bags.”

He then remarked on the channeling of the cash to Hamas saying: “Hamas may be in need for that, but if Qatar has good intentions, they wouldn’t be doing it that way”. He stressed on “the Fatah-Hamas Conflict will end in case both Abu Mazen and Hamas have the will to do so”.

Dahlan added: ” the deal of the century has already been implemented on the ground, but everyone should know that no Palestinian leader will accept a deal less than what the late President Arafat accepted and our people will fail the deal of the century”

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