Israel continues to expand settlement outpost south of Nablus


Israeli bulldozers continued to raze areas and build roads to expand the settlement of Esh Kodesh, located on Jalud village land south of Nablus.

Settlement official in the northern West Bank, Ghassan Daghlas, told WAFA agency that “While the settlers of the”Ahia“outpost on the land of the “18 Basin” area, Israel also continues to expand the settlement units in Esh Kodesh outpost in Jalud.

“For a few days, the heavy machinery of the settlers has been carrying out bulldozers and digging a road at the northern end of the settlement outpost.”

Daghlas said that the expansion of the settlement outposts coincides with the Israeli government’s decision to legitimize all settlement outposts and annex them to the new settlement of Amichai, where the occupation is seeking plans to take in 1,100 settlement families.

PNN/ Nablus

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