Palestinian Forced to Demolish his Home in East Jerusalem


This morning, a Palestinian man was compelled by the Israeli occupation authorities to demolish his home in Wadi Qadum, East Jerusalem.

Hushema was forced to either arrange for the demolition of his home himself, or pay for the demolition by the occupying municipality.

He chose to hire a bulldozer to carry out the obligatory destruction of his property by his own hand in the early hours of this morning. Following the demolition, clashes took place between Palestinian youths and Israeli forces, the latter who responded to the youths’ stone-throwing with the firing of tear gas canisters.

The demolition was ordered under the pretext that the family did not hold an Israeli-issued permit for the building of their home. It is one of many such demolitions carried out under the authority of the occupation municipality, displacing thousands of Palestinians in the last decade.

Residents report that Israeli authorities consistently ignore and deny applications made by Palestinians. Alongside this, they fail to deliver any plan to develop the eastern part of the city.

Palestinians therefore resort to building homes for their families without permits, despite the threat of continued demolitions.

The Israeli occupying forces continue to pursue their agenda of the transformation of the demographic makeup of East Jerusalem.

The demolition of Palestinian homes is one policy employed in pursuit of such, alongside the rapid construction of settlements, and the revocation of residency status for Palestinians.

Jerusalem /PNN

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