Settlers attack Palestinian villages following shooting


The Israeli occupation forces launched a series of raids and arrests of dozens of Palestinian homes on Monday morning, arresting at least 20 Palestinians, while brutal settlers carried out acts of violence and attacks on several streets in the West Bank.

Palestinian sources said that Israeli forces carried out raids and searches in the villages of Ramallah and Nablus intensively following the drive-by shooting that injured eleven Israeli settlers at the entrance to the settlement of Ofra, near the town of Sloud east of Ramallah.

According to the sources, the occupation army arrested a number of citizens in their search, which was carried out until the early hours of the morning. Among the detainees were journalist Hussein Shujaie from the village of Deir Jarir east of Ramallah and journalist Sameh Manasra from Tulkarem.

Local sources also reported that the occupation forces stormed the town of Qafin near Tulkarm and confiscated a sum of money from the house of Sheikh Mustafa al-Ajwali.

They also arrested Nidal Thalaji al-Rimawi from the town of Beit Rima and Abdul Hakim Abu A’adi from Kafr Naama village, west of Ramallah.

In the town of Ni’lin in Ramallah, local sources said that Sheikh Salah al-Khawaja was arrested after his house was raided early today. The same sources said that the Israeli forces arrested the released prisoner Mu’tasim Bilal al-Khawaja during the incursion into the village.

In the village of Khirbet Abu Falah, local sources said that the Israeli occupation forces confiscated a vehicle in the village and arrested a young man in the village, according to local sources.

In the Bethlehem governorate, the Israeli occupation forces raided the Dheisheh refugee camp at dawn today and carried out raids and searches of a number of houses and arrested the released prisoner Ghassan Zawahra from the camp.

In the city of Bethlehem, the Israeli occupation forces arrested Amjad al-Shobaki and arrested Mohammed Salah and Fuad Sabah from the town of Tuqu’.

Palestinian sources said that Israeli forces arrested Sa’id al-A’araj, the brother of Bassel al-A’araj, after they stormed their house. The soldiers searched the house before interrogating the family and arresting Sa’id.

In the Hebron governorate, the occupation forces arrested the editor Hussam al-Hashlamoun and Omar Abu Hussein from Hebron.

In the governorate of Jerusalem, the Israeli police and intelligence forces carried out raids and searches of several areas in the occupied city where Palestinian sources said that the Israeli occupation forces arrested the young Anwar Salah al-Din from the town of Hazma east of Jerusalem

In the Nablus area, Israeli forces stormed the eastern part of the city, accompanied by extremist settlers, on the pretext that they were trying to perform prayers where dozens of youths confronted locals and threw stones at them, wounding at least four young Palestinians.

According to local sources in the governorate of Nablus, the occupation army arrested two young Palestinians in the eastern area of ​​Nablus, including Mustafa Mabrouka and Khaled Habash.

In addition, the extremist settlers, in the framework of the exchange of roles with the occupation forces in the attacks on the Palestinian people, carried out barbaric acts and attacks on several axes along the road between Ramallah and Nablus.

Settlers attacked several Palestinian vehicles on the street, throwing stones and attacking Palestinian vehicles, damaging some of them. Settlers smashed stones at vehicles near Ramallah, where settlers attacked a vehicle carrying members of a family of women and children.

In Hebron, the settlers carried out barbaric acts. Dozens of settlers were riding several cars with loudspeakers, shouting in racist terms under the eyes of Israeli soldiers. They moved from the Haram Gate to Shuhada Street and Tel Rumeida and then to the Haram area.

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