Dahlan: “I’m with the one-state solution in case the two-state solution is not possible anymore“


Middle East Affairs-PLC member Mohammed Dahlan confirmed: “Armed struggle with Israel is not a sole decision, but it must be discussed among all factions and the Palestinian-Framework as a whole”.

Dahlan said on a TV interview on “Russia Today”: the armed-struggle was the slogan of the Palestinian work, this is still the dream of many young people, but the role of the leader is to lead the people through the best, shortest way as possible, and with the least cost.”

He added, “what happened in the past should motivate us to make a comprehensive review, we have identified and empowered our points of weaknesses, we must admit that everyone had made mistakes”. Dahlan added: “we took a part in improving the relations between Hamas and Egypt for the better good”.

Dahlan continued: The understanding between Hamas and Egypt is a good thing for both Palestinian and Egyptian sides, we hope that our interference affects the people in Gaza positively, noting that the “Hamas-Coup” in Gaza affected the people of Gaza in a really bad way”.

Dahlan Said: Fatah is not a monopoly of Mahmoud Abbas or anyone else, and it seems he is not familiar with such things as retirement or resigning”

He clarified: “The Palestinian Authority turned into a Civil Administration conducting a siege on Gaza Strip”. he added: “The Palestinian Authority is a toy in the hands of Israel”. “The international community pays for Mahmoud Abbas in return of his security services in the West Bank, and the American side was never a fair mediator” Dahlan added.

He then remarked: The Era of leadership ended with the passing of the late president Abu Ammar, we are looking forward to having a parliamentary system that represents the Palestinians away from the influence of individuals and groups.”

He pointed out that Gaza has borne the largest bill in protecting the Palestinian national project, in protecting Jerusalem, in assisting the West Bank, and in the last 10 years, Gaza has fully paid the bill.

Dahlan Said: “ I support the two-state solution the Palestinian and the Israeli, but if Israel refuses that, there will be no other option but the One-State Solution”. He stressed that if Israel refuses an independent Palestinian Country, then the only way is one country, equal rights, and one elections, indicating that Jerusalem is going to be the Capital of this One-State.

He then addressed the Israelis saying: “If you can’t solve the Palestinian issue with this generation, you will not solve it with future generations.” With regard to the internal Palestinian situation, Dahlan called on President Abbas to initiate the reconciliation with Hamas in order to alleviate the situation of the people of Gaza Strip. Dahlan then blamed the Palestinian president and Israel for the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip for years.

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