Settlers put up posters calling for targeting Palestinian president


Israeli settlers from Yitzhar settlement in Nablus, northern West Bank, have launched an incitement campaign against President Mahmoud Abbas, showing him as a target.

Settlers put up posters at a checkpoint near the settlement, calling for the assassination of President Abbas saying he was the financier of operations against them in the West Bank.

Israeli media accused President Abbas of instigating incitement following the shooting of settlers near Ofra.

This comes after a shooting in Ofra settlement on Sunday night near Ramallah, in which seven settlers were wounded. Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) immediately went on the raid spree in Ramallah and its villages following the shooting.

Miliotary jeeps entered Ramallah city and fired teargas towards the citizens, causing clashes. IOF also broke into WAFA News Agency, which is the governmental official news agency.

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