Netanyahu vows to bolster settlements “even more”


Israeli Prime Minister, Benyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday vowed to bolster Jewish settlements in the West Bank as a response to the recent Palestinian anti-Israeli attacks.

Haaretz newspaper quoted the premier as saying “We will bolster thesettlementseven more, as we have now, and we will take all the necessary steps against terror,” while touring a scene in Ofra settlement, where a shooting was carried out, killing two soldiers last week. “We won’t tolerate terror – neither fromGazanor from the West Bank. We will beat it with a strong fist,” he added.

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) have arrested 100 Palestinians over the weekend in response to the attack, in addition to forming a tight military cordon on Ramallah and its villages, including a demolition campaign of the attackers’ family homes and prisoners’ homes.

The premier said he wished to “extol the settlers, who are showing strength and perseverance in face of this murderous terror, and the commanders and soldiers of the IDF who safeguard all of the country’s civilians, around the clock, throughout the year.”

Last week, the prime minister pledged to legalize thousands of Jewish homes in the West Bank after two Israeli soldiers were killed and two others wounded in a shooting attack.

Last Thursday, four Palestinians have been executed by IOF, including a 60 year old man, under pretexts of carrying out attacks against settlers and soldiers, in Ramallah, Nablus and Jerusalem.

PNN/ Bethlehem

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