Dozens of Houthi rebels killed in coalition strikes in Yemen’s Hajjah

The Arab coalition launched three air strikes targeting Houthi militia positions in the Hajjah Governorate in north-western Yemen on Friday.

Dozens of Houthis were killed and several wounded after the first strike destroyed military outposts.

The second strike targeted an ammunition convoy and weapons in the al-Nuzha district, one of their main supply routes.

The third strike destroyed a military site that housed heavy weapons.

The siege of Hajour tribes

The clashes continued with the Houthi militia using heavy artillery.

The siege of Yemen’s Hajour tribes continued for the third week since thebeginning of the clashes.

Local sources said that a violent attack was launched by the Houthi militia using heavy machine guns on the area of al-Abysa tribe of Hajour.

In January, Yemen’s Hajour tribes had appealed for support from the Arab Coalition to confront an attack staged by the rebels against the al-Abysa tribe in the district of Kashar using rockets and heavy artillery.

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