Saudi prosecutor concludes probe into detainees accused of ‘undermining security’


Saudi Arabia’s Public Prosecution announced on Friday that it has concluded its investigation and prepared the indictment list against individuals who were arrested by the Presidency of State Security, in the wake of uncovering coordinated and organized activities to “undermine the Kingdom’s security, stability and national unity.”

The Public Prosecution said that it would refer the case to the relevant court, affirming that all detainees in this case enjoy all rights preserved by the laws in the Kingdom.

On June 2, the Public Prosecutor’s Office had announced the arrest of nine suspects- five men and four women out of 17 wanted individuals- after obtaining sufficient evidence mandating the arrests. The prosecution also said that the suspects admitted to having links with hostile organizations.

Investigations into the remaining eight suspects are still ongoing.

Meanwhile, Saudi Deputy Public Prosecutor Shalaan bin Rajih al-Shalaan categorically denied reports that any of the arrested suspects were being tortured. He said that all detainees are being treated in accordance with Saudi laws.

“The detainees enjoy all their rights, including communications and visits,” al-Shalaan told Asharq al-Awsat newspaper.

He added that the charges incurred against the detainees include “communicating and cooperating with individuals and organizations hostile to the Kingdom, and recruiting people in sensitive government entities in order to obtain information and official documents.”

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