Israeli navy opens fire towards Gaza fishermen

Israeli navy Monday morning opened fire towards Palestinian fishermen sailing offshore al-Sudaniya area, northwest of Gaza city.

WAFA correspondent said that the navy opened gunfire and shot water hoses towards fishermen sailing three nautical miles offshore al-Sudaniya. No injuries were reported though.

Meanwhile, several Israeli military vehicles, including three tanks, penetrated tens of meters into civilian areas, located to the northwest of Beit Lahia town, north of Gaza, while sporadically opening fire.

The raiding military force razed farmlands and set up earth mounds.

The Gaza Strip’s sea should extend 20 nautical miles from the coast, according to the Oslo peace accords signed by Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization, but Israel has a heavy naval presence restricting any traffic in or out of the enclave.

It also restricts the distance Gaza’s fishermen can travel to fish, alternating the distance between six and nine nautical miles – significantly less than the amount designated in the Oslo agreements.

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