Sources: Muslim Brotherhood members dressing Sudanese military uniforms intervened against protesters in Khartoum


MEA-Dramatic developments in Sudan as president Omer Bashir asked the army to intervene against the protesters, and using the maximum force against them to protect its regime.

Trustful sources told Middle East affairs that the army rejected Albashier’ orders, and some of them joined the protesters in their demand to get rid of Albashier.

Thousands have joined the demonstrations since Friday/REUTERS

Responding to that, President Bashier asked his allies”the Muslim Brotherhood” and its militiamen to intervene, where they had been seen in Khartoum streets wearing military dressing of the Sudanese army and beating the protesters.

Egyptian media accuses Khartoum of harboring members of the Muslim Brotherhood group, which has been classified by the state authorities as a “terror group” since December 2013.

Sudan denies the accusations, saying that the Egyptian government was supporting rebel movements in the African country.

The protests broke out in December over rising bread prices before morphing into demands for Bashir to quit [AFP]

Since protests in Sudan broke out on 19 December, Egypt has been supporting the country’s regime, led by Omar Al-Bashir, in an attempt to help Khartoum to overcome its political and economic crisis.

The two countries have long been in a standoff over the disputed “Halayeb Triangle,” – 20,580-kilometre area on the Red Sea currently controlled by Egypt – which they both claim sovereignty over. In January, Sudan renewed a complaint to the United Nations (UN), calling on Egypt to hand over.

Though riot police and agents of the powerful National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) have cracked down on demonstrators, the army has so far not intervened.

Reports of exchanges of fire between military units that appeared to be protecting the demonstrators and other security forces suggested that the ruling elite and security establishment might be fracturing.

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