Over 4,000 visitors to ‘Morocco in Abu Dhabi 2019’


Morocco in Abu Dhabi 2019′ has welcomed more than 4,000 visitors in the first three days of its opening at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. The event, which will run until 30th April, entertains its fans with live activities in art, music, traditional handicrafts, culinary arts, and fashion, reflecting the rich and original Moroccan heritage.

The event, which is an opportunity to further strengthen the deep-rooted relationship between the UAE and Morocco, sustains cultural communication between both countries, and offers a platform for traditional workmanship, as one of the components of the creative Moroccan personality throughout the generations.

Many visitors expressed their enthusiasm for being at such an event. Gita, a professional photographer from Morocco, said she was very happy and proud of the heritage of her ancestors, which Moroccans consider an integral part of their lives.

Ahmed, an Egyptian resident who is visiting the event for the second year running, believes that Morocco in Abu Dhabi is a key event and a means of communication with Moroccan heritage, finding beauty in every piece inside the exhibition. “The event is well organised and attractive in terms of decor and pavilions,” he added.

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