Iran’s Revolutionary Guards’ drone spies on US warships in Gulf, says a report


An Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ drone successfully carried out a surveillance flight over an American aircraft carrier in the Gulf, Tasnim news agency claimed in a Sunday report on its website.

A video published by the agency, which could not be immediately verified, shows a light blue colored drone with the name “Ababil III” written on the wings in Farsi and Latin script.

It is seen taking off from a desert base near the sea, as the soundtrack of an action movie plays in the background, and flies over first an escort ship and then an aircraft carrier with fighter planes parked on the deck.

“The naval force of Sepah (the Guards’ Farsi name) is aware of all the movements of American terrorist forces in the region and the Persian Gulf and closely monitors them,” Tasnim wrote.

Tasnim did not name the aircraft carrier or say when the video was shot.

The Tasnim report comes nearly three weeks after theUnited States branded the Guards as a “foreign terrorist organization”and added it to a blacklist.

Iran swiftly retaliated by declaring US troops “terrorists.”

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