Algerians protest for 11th Friday to push power elite out


Thousands of Algerians are holding their 11th straight week of protests to pressure those in power to leave, a month after Abdelaziz Bouteflika was forced to resign as president after two decades in office.

Security forces set up control points on the east-west highway into Algiers and took up posts around the capital for the Friday demonstration.

Thousands filled the plaza in front of the city’s emblematic main post office that serves as a rallying point for protesters.

Cries of “Everyone must go” and “Gang of thieves, you have ruined the country”” rang out.

The crowd had mixed opinions on powerfularmy chief Ahmed Gaid Salah, with some supporting him and others fearing a military intervention.

Gaid Salah, and pressure from protesters, forced Bouteflika to resign April 2.

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