Sudanese ‘revolution’ continues with nightly gatherings


Talks between Sudan’s military council and protesters are set to resume, army rulers said on Saturday, as thousands rally nightly to determine the country’s political roadmap.

The ruling military council announced that “negotiations with the Alliance for Freedom and Change” over the planned transfer of power to a new governing body would resume on Sunday.

The announcement follows pressure from key world powers for the military and the protesters’ umbrella group to get back to the bargaining table after talks on the composition of the new governing body failed to take place as planned on Wednesday.

Talks have stalled repeatedly as protesters have pressed the military council to hand over power to civilian rule since autocratic president Omar al-Bashir was deposed on April 11.

Protesters have met a key demand of military council head General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan in the last couple of days by dismantling roadblocks that had paralysed parts of the capital.

Revolution continues

While Sudan’s protesters have brought down their president, they are now asking what comes next at a series of nightly sit-ins where thousands gather every evening to discuss the country’s future.

They are determined to spread values of tolerance and are doing so through books about history and politics. Such books have been heavily censored in Sudan for years but protesters have now put them on public display for anyone to browse through.

There is a sense of optimism at the sit-ins, although, as one protester told FRANCE 24, “The regime still lingers.”

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