Saudi cabinet calls on international community to stand firm against Iran regime


Saudi Arabia’s Council of Ministers said that the Kingdom called on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities by taking a firm stand against the Iranian regime to stop and prevent it from spreading destruction and chaos.

The council, which met on Tuesday evening during a session chaired by Saudi King Salman, reviewed a number of reports on developments in the region.

“Iran and its agents need to move away from its reckless behavior and spare the region the risks and not push them to undesirable consequences,” a statement from Saudi Minister of Media Turki al-Shabanah published by the Saudi Press Agency read.

The Saudi Council of Ministers added that the peoples of the region, including Iran, have the right to live in security and stability.

“The Kingdom reiterates its emphasis on peace in the region and will do everything in its power to prevent any war, and that its hand is always extended to peace and seeks to achieve it,” the statement added.

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