Samer Shaban’s family worries he may meet same fate as Zaki Mubarak


The family members of Samer Shaban are now worried that he would meet the same fate as Zaki Mubarak, who died in Turkish custody.

Shaban and Mubarak were detained by Turkish authorities on alleged espionage charges on behalf of the UAE.

The two had pleaded innocence to the charges against them.

The subject of Palestinian detainees had come to the fore again, after the death of Mubarak which was characterized as murder under torture by his family, while Turkish authorities maintained that he committed suicide.

Samer Shaban’s uncle, Abdallah Ramadhan Shaban, spoke to Al Arabiya channel and expressed his worries at the fate of his nephew, maintaining that he was innocent. He also stated that Samer Shaban’s wife had visited him in prison and that he was in good health.

The uncle stated that “the Turkish authorities didn’t press any charges and yet Samer is still in prison, and that no investigation or inquiry has been done.”

He also said that the family of Zaki Mubarak was told that their son will be released and so was Samer Shaban, “yet Zaki Mubarak was killed and we are afraid that Samer will meet the same fate.”

Abdallah Ramadhan Shaban called on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to release Samer.

He also expressed his disappointment at the neglect by the Palestinian authorities who have not done anything for the safe release of Samer Shaban, calling on Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas to act quickly and redeem the situation.

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