Company created to undertake development efforts at holy sites in Saudi Arabia


JEDDAH: Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman chaired a board meeting of the Royal Commission for Makkah City and Holy Sites on Monday at Al-Safa Palace, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The board approved a strategic plan for the holy city of Makkah and holy sites. It also ordered the start and preparation of the plan’s details, programs and partnerships.

It approved the establishment of a holy sites development company, and for the company’s headquarters to be in Makkah.

The company will act as the main developer and operator for creating and increasing capacity at the holy sites in order to serve the growing numbers of worshippers.

The board approved a regulation to address undeveloped areas in Makkah, and reviewed proposals on transport and endowment funds concerning the holy city.

The executive director of the Royal Commission for Makkah City and Holy Sites, Abdulrahman bin Farouk Addas, said the decisions and directives were in line with the wishes of King Salman and the crown prince to establish a sustainable future for Makkah and the holy sites, to provide the best possible services to worshippers and to enrich the quality of life in Makkah.

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