Morsi ‘killed’ by Egyptian government, son says


A son of the late former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has accused incumbent President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and a number of other officials of “killing” his father.

Morsi,Egypt‘s first democratically elected president who was arrested after being overthrown in a military coup led by el-Sisi in 2013,diedon Monday after collapsing inside his soundproof glass cage while on trial in a Cairo courtroom on espionage charges.

In a Twitter post on Thursday, Morsi’s son, Abdullah, named a number of officials whom he called “partners” of el-Sisi “in killing the martyr president”.

He particularly accused incumbent and former interior ministers Mahmoud Tawfiq and Magdy Abdel Ghaffar, respectively.

He also named judges Shirin Fahmy, Shaaban al-Shami and Ahmed Sabry, as well as Attorney General Nabil Sadek and Abbas Kamel, the head of the intelligence service.

Egyptian authorities have yet to comment on the claims by Morsi’s son.

At the time of his death, Morsi – a leading member of Egypt’sMuslim Brotherhoodwho won the country’s presidential election in 2012 – faced a host of legal charges, which he, along with varioushuman rightsgroups and independent observers, said were politically motivated.

‘He was murdered’

Morsi’s death was mourned by many people around the world, including inTurkey, where mosques held special prayers on Tuesday, while leaders in Malaysia and Qatar were among those offering tributes.

However, the reaction has been largely muted in many capitals.

Turkish PresidentRecep Tayyip Erdogan, a key ally of Morsi, said this week that the Egyptian government should betried in international courtsfor the death of the former president.

“Mohamed Morsi flailed on the courtroom floor for 20 minutes and the authorities did not help him. This is why I say Morsi did not die, he was murdered,” Erdogan told supporters on Wednesday at an election rally in Istanbul.

“We, as Turkey, will follow this issue and do everything possible for Egypt to be tried in international courts for Morsi’s death,” he said, calling on the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation to take action towards this end.

Since Morsi’s removal, relations between Ankara and Cairo have plummeted with acrimonious exchanges.

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