Finance Minister: Saudi will support plan that brings prosperity to Palestinians


Saudi Arabia’s finance minister Mohammed al-Jadaan said on Wednesday that it will support whatever economic plan will bring prosperity to the Palestinians.

“The region is in desperate need of prosperity and hope,” he said. He was speaking at the“Peace to Prosperity”workshop in Bahrain opened by US President Donald Trump’s senior advisor Jared Kushner.

Al-Jadaan said that Vision 2030 was about Saudi Arabia but was also about the region. “We wanted to make sure that we put a plan that will play a role model for the region and bring hope to the region,” he said.

“Palestine is a very important issue for us. We have been a great supporter of Palestine for decades. We will continue supporting the Palestinians,” he said.

He said that Saudi Arabia has implemented a lot of reforms and making sure that there is a lot of positive spillover into the region.

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