Sudan protest group calls for a march on presidential palace


KHARTOUM: A leading protest group called for a march on Sudan’s presidential palace on Sunday despite a heavy security deployment as thousands of demonstrators rallied against the generals in a mass rally demanding civilian rule.
“We call on our revolutionary people in the capital to go to the republican palace… to seek justice for the martyrs and for an unconditional transfer of power to civilians,” the Sudanese Professionals Association said in a statement on Twitter.
Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets in Sudan’s capital and elsewhere in the country to reiterate their call for civilian rule, nearly three months after the army forced out the autocrat Omar Al-Bashir.
The demonstrations came amid a weeks-long standoff between the ruling military council and protest leaders. Talks between the two sides over a power-sharing agreement collapsed earlier this month when security forces violently broke up a protest camp in Khartoum.

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