Men in blue captivate audience in colorful Saudi festival show


JEDDAH: The captivating Blue Man Group rocked a Saudi festival audience with a high-octane show that won a standing ovation.

Performing in the Kingdom for the third time, as part of the Jeddah Season of events, the three bald, blue men wowed fans by taking them on a spectacular, fun-filled, music-laced journey of discovery.

More than 35 million people of all ages, languages and cultures in 25 countries have experienced the unexpected, madcap antics of the Blue Man Group and the colorful entertainers had an awestruck Saudi audience clapping for more.

Backed by other musicians, the trio’s powerful drum show began with two of the blue men competing to create a work of art by spraying paint from their mouths.

The interactive display saw the performers engaging with fans in a variety of fun, dynamic ways including eating Twinkies and painting on a canvas. They even shone a spotlight on late arrivals to the venue, singing: “You are late, you were supposed to be here 20 minutes ago.”

Part of the group’s “Speechless” tour, the family show’s mix of music, color and humor left the Jeddah Season audience buzzing.

“We loved it. It was unique and captivating,” Saudi student, Mariam Ahmed, 22, told Arab News. “This was my first time attending the show and honestly, if you haven’t seen them before nothing can prepare you for what you are going to see in the show.”

Father-of-two Yuzreza, from Brunei, said: “It is our first event and now, after seeing this, we are planning to see a few other events in the season. The children especially enjoyed it.”

The Blue Man Group has been running for 25 years, and according to its publicity its 70 performers around the world splash their way through 18,000 buckets of paint a year and have broken 23,000 drumsticks.

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