Western sources reveals the nature of the Qatari role in the deal of century


MEA-Washington– A White House official revealed to a senior diplomat in Washington details of the deal between US President Donald Trump and the Prince of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, during his last visit to Washington.

according to the revealed details, President Trump pledged to make an effort with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to end the siege on Qatar and to seek a meeting of the concerned parties in Washington.

The gradual normalization of the relations between the State of Qatar and the United States of America will take place after testing the intentions of the Qataris, by committing them to several steps, within the agreement, described as a coup for the national policy, according to the sources.

During the visit of the Prince of Qatar has signed major financial deals, including the Boeing aircraft deal, as well as several contracts related to the purchase of US equipment. Qatar, according to the same sources, promised the president of the US to carry out a number of steps on different fronts; political and media fields and at the level of public relations to help facilitate the acceptance of the deal of the century, through several steps.


On the media front, the Qatari media should gradually phase out campaigns against President Trump’s administration and the deal of the century, as part of the deal. It was also agreed that former MK Dr. Azmi Bishara is to help through his institution ” Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies” to formulate new media speeches and attitude.

On the political front, Qatar promised to soften the position of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas towards the deal of century, actual steps on the ground are already being formulated, as the upcoming visit of some Hamas officials to Jordan will focus on that case, in, officials close to the US administration played a vital role in renewing the relations between Qatar and Jordan.

In a related context, US sources said that the request by the opposition leader in the Turkish parliament, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu to Erdogan to expel the Muslim Brotherhood from Turkey and the reconciliation with Egypt is based on information obtained by Oğlu on the new American approach, which aims to put more pressure on the Muslim Brotherhood to ensure its approval and support for the deal of century, which is what the Qatari leadership promise to accomplish.

US sources confirm that President Trump, through the “deal” with Tamim, signed huge contracts to serve his economic policy, but he observes with great interest the role that Qatar will play in supporting the deal of the century politically and in the media field, as it has very good relations with the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic groups, In addition to its large coordination with Iran in various fields. Trump, according to the sources, asked Prince Tamim to stop immediately all kind of military and security cooperation with Tehran.

As according to the sources, Trump confronted Tamim with documents and evidences on the role Qatar played in supporting extremist Islamic groups, which contributed to destabilizing the security of the region and the world, In addition to an accurate data on the Iranian-Qatari cooperation in exchanging information and facilitating the transfer of funds and weapons across different channels in the Middle East and Africa.


The American side also presented to the Prince a report on Qatar’s funding to Hezbollah in Iraq during the release of the Qatari princes kidnapped by that organization in Iraq. Trump asserted that the ransom money that was paid to Hezbollah in Iraq was used to kill US soldiers and the United States will have serious repercussions on Qatar. The sources revealed that the administration is exhausted by the manipulation and dodging of Qatar during the previous period, while the Prince of Qatar promised to open a new page and expand the cooperation with the administration in all fields.

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