Recorded phone call among National Cancer Institute explosion’s evidences


CAIRO – 8 August 2019: Egypt’s security forces found a recorded phone call between two of the terrorists affiliated with Hasm outlawed group, as they were wondering about the whereabouts of “Abdul Rahman Khaled”, the terrorist announced to be behind the blast, which killed nearly 22 civilians.

In the phone call, recorded by the terrorist, Husam Adel Ahmed, both of Fugitive “Mohamed Ayesh”, and Abdul Rahman’s brother “Ibrahim Khaled” were discussing the current location of Abdul Rahman.

Ibrahim told Ayesh that his brother called him during the last period from an unknown number and asked him not to call and that he will be reaching out for him from time to time.

Here is the full recorded of the phone call between terrorists Ibrahim and Ayesh



May peace be upon you

Peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you

Hey Hamada


Is this Ibrahim?

Yes, its I brahim

How are you, man? Do you know who you’re talking to?

Mohamed Ayesh? What?

Yes, this is Mohamed Ayesh

Hey Hamada

How are you, Hima?

Good, how about you?


Ask about who?

Your brother

I didn’t call him. I can’t reach him. I don’t know how to call him.

I don’t have a telegram.

We were together this Saturday

I told him to download telegram for me.

He avoided doing that

He told okay and stuff

And then we left without downloading it

So I don’t have telegram so I can’t reach him

He called me from a regular phone number and told me don’t call me on it

I will call you

He told me don’t try to call me




Egypt’s ministry of interior has identified the terrorist who was involved in the National Cancer Institute explosion, killing nearly 22 civilian last Sunday night.

In a Thursday statement, Egypt’s Ministry of Interior announced that the terrorist behind the National Cancer Institute explosion’s name was “Abdul Rahman Khaled Mahmoud”, aged 24 years old. Mahmoud was a resident of Fayoum governorate and wanted for being involved in other terrorism cases since 2018.

The investigations also led the authorities to other terrorist elements affiliated with Hasm terrorist group, of which Mahmoud was a member of it.

The identified terrorist elements include Husam Adel Ahmed Mohamed, Abul Rahman Gomaa, Ibrahim Khaled Mahmoud, Ahmed Mohamed Abdul Rahman, Mohamed Ayesh and Islam Mohamed.

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