Whale in Northern coast of Egypt not predator: Ministry


CAIRO – 9 August 2019: After a video went viral on social media showing a whale in Egypt’s Northern Coastal water, the Minister of Environment assured the citizens that wales could be found in territorial water of North African Countries, especially in the summer.

“Whales are normally found in the Mediterranean and live in the territorial waters of most of the North African countries, including Egypt, as well as the coasts of European countries,” said the Ministry in a statement on Thursday.

Whales are not predators but people should exercise vigilance and avoid the area of whale as the large ones move randomly when they feel human movements, the statement continued.

Small whales often lose the way of the associated school and may stay for few days or a couple of weeks in coastal areas until they return to the deep water, the statement said. Whales could be found in northern African country’s water as it is warmer in the summer following the mating season in the spring, added.

Eleven types of cetaceans were monitored in the Eastern area of the Mediterranean by the Egyptian ministry, the statement said.

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