Supermodel Caprice debuts her homewares range in Dubai


International supermodel and businesswoman Caprice Bourret has debuted her homewares range in Dubai.

Launched this month, By Caprice Home is now available in Dwell Stores, with Dubai Mall leading the retail launch.

The Middle East announcement follows Caprice’s unveiling of her retail strategy last year, which will see the brand expand out of the UK to multiple global territories over the next 18 months.

Speaking toArabian Business, Caprice said: “Dubai and the Dwell stores represent the perfect collaboration at the right price, focused on the right customers.”

Referring to economic certainty surrounding Brexit and Britain’s embattled retail sector, Caprice said “the UK is very economically unstable right now”.

The supermodel and CEO of By Caprice said: “I decided to move into the Middle East as a principle market. The retail space in the UK is very scary right now, whereas the Middle East is solid.”

By Caprice Home has seen massive growth since its launch three years ago and has become recognised for its high quality, design and originality.

Caprice said her eponymous homewares range would kick off in eight Dwell stores in Dubai, followed by an imminent move into Saudi Arabia as the brand’s second Middle Eastern market.

“The Middle East retail sector is a very exciting space, shame on you if you are not expanding internationally,” she said.

The By Caprice Home brand has also expanded into the US this year with Bed Bath and Beyond as its American stockist.

While Caprice said she is eager to tap the Middle East market, she will take the expansion “slowly”.

“I’ve been burned in the past by trying to grow too fast and it didn’t work. Now I want to make sure my products 100 per cent fit the market… I want to walk before I run.”

“It’s a dream come true to expand into the Middle East and the US. I’ve taken a big bite into two markets and now I’ve learnt form my mistakes… I cannot expand too fast or I drown.”

Caprice has had a hugely successful career, from landing her first front cover with Vogue and becoming one of the world’s most photographed women with over 350 magazine covers, to launching her own lifestyle brand over 10 years ago.

She is known today for her business acumen having built up her brand entirely.

“After everything I have achieved, I still find it’s a man’s world. When I was launching my business, I was not only a woman but at the top-of-my-game in modeling, I found it was hard to be taken seriously,” she said.

“I had fight the stereotypes people had of me. But today I have the numbers to back me up and anyone who tries to stereotype me today, well, it’s just bad business.”

Caprice said that entrepreneurs who want to follow in her successful footsteps should be passionate about what they do and cultivate resilience. “It’s important to be able to get back up,” she said.

She also recommended that wannabe business owners carefully select their team and shell out for “smart people”.

“Pay for the best people, they will make you money,” she said.

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