Child watches as mom brutally murdered by ex-husband in Turkey


A video circulated on Twitter of a Turkish woman screaming “I don’t want to die” as she fights to stop her neck from bleeding while her 10-year-old daughter is heard yelling “mom, please don’t die” in the city of Kırıkkale, triggering widespread condemnation of violence against women.

Emine Bulut, 38, was reportedly stabbed in the neck by her ex-husband at a crowded restaurant, where she was enjoying a meal with her daughter. She later died of her wounds.

Hundreds of Turkish Twitter users took to the platform calling for an end to domestic violence and for stricter laws protecting women and children, with Emine Bulut trending in the country.

The mayor of Istanbul also condemned violence against women on Twitter, saying “We stand by women and children in the fight against violence, we will continue to.”

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