Soldiers from US, Arabian Gulf countries participate in military drill in Jordan


Amid the airstrikes in surrounding countries like Syria and Lebanon, soldiers from the United States and Gulf countries traveled to Jordan on Sunday to participate in an annual military drill known as “Eager Lion.”

Jordanian Brigadier General Mohammad Thalji said the drills intend to enhance cooperation and preparedness in anti-terrorism efforts against regional and global threats.

8,000 personnel from 29 countries are involved, according to The Jordan Times.

3,700 American troops are participating, as well as troops from the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) countries including Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, and the UAE.

Marking its ninth anniversary, the “Eager Lion” exercise has added significance this year given heightened tensions with Iran and its proxies in the region. Countries close to Iran such as Turkey did not participate.

US Major General Brad Swanson said the event will combine air and land drills in order to “outsmart and outmaneuver” adversaries, according to the US Department of Defense.

Al Arabiya English

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