Russia to help rebuild NW town retaken by Syria


Beirut-The Russian military says it will help reconstruction efforts in a town in northwestern Syria that has been reclaimed by the Syrian government.

Maj. Gen. Ravil Muginov said in remarks released by the Russian Defense Ministry Tuesday that the military’s Reconciliation Center has delivered humanitarian supplies to Khan Sheikhoun, which was captured by the Syrian army last week. Muginov said the Russian military will help Syrian authorities rebuild the town’s infrastructure.

Syrian government forces have captured wide areas from insurgents over the past weeks, including all rebel-held parts of Hama province and areas on the southern edge of Idlib, the last remaining rebel stronghold in Syria.

Khan Sheikhoun sits on the highway linking Damascus with the northern city of Aleppo, and Syrian government forces have sought to open that highway.

The Kurdish-led regional administration in northern Syria says the main US-backed Syrian Kurdish militia has begun withdrawing its fighters from a town near Turkey’s border.

The withdrawal is part of a deal for a so-called safe zone in northeastern Syria involving the US and Turkey.

The administration said Tuesday that “the first step” in these understandings began three days ago in Ras al-Ayn, from where members of the militia known as YPG withdrew with their heavy weapons.

It says the Kurdish militia positions were taken over by local forces, without elaborating.

Turkey has been pressing for a safe zone, running east of the Euphrates River toward the Iraqi border, to push US-allied Syrian Kurdish militias away from its frontier.

The Associated Press

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