Gunmen kill 4 Iraqi soldiers at checkpoint in Anbar province


Falluja-Unidentified gunmen shot dead four Iraqi soldiers and wounded seven more at a military checkpoint in Anbar province on Thursday, two security sources said.

The attack occurred near Garma, a town 50 km (30 miles) northwest of Baghdad, in the early hours of Thursday morning.

In a separate incident early in the day, three policemen were shot and wounded by unnamed gunmen at a security checkpoint in Jalawla, Diyala province, northeast of the capital.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for either attack.

Iraq declared victory over ISIS terrorist group, which once held large swathes of the country, in December 2017, but the militants have since switched to hit-and-run attacks aimed at undermining the Baghdad government.

The extremists are known to operate in Anbar and Diyala despite having lost territorial control there.

ISIS has claimed several attacks on Iraqi forces this year.


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